3 Ways to Scupper Healing Your Diastasis & Post Natal Recovery

For many, the whole issue of Diastasis Healing and  Post Natal recovery is predominantly about ‘exercise’ and ‘fat loss diets’ but guess what?  There is a much longer list of lifestyle elements and habits that could be working against you and/or your clients seeing to heal their connective tissue post birth…..

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1.  Smoking – reduces blood flow to healing tissues……..poor blood flow….poor tissue healing,at the very least.  NOW is a good time to stop smoking if you are serious about your health.

2.  Not getting sufficient high quality protein – Amino acids are the building blocks of Collagen, no high quality protein = poor Collagen rebuild.  The abdominal wall muscles and connective tissues are predominantly COLLAGEN!  Many moms, in their weight-loss mindset get onto the hummus and rice-cracker train….note to self…..2 dollops of hummus daily is probably not going to provide you with sufficient protein to counteract the fact that your body’s demand for protein is even higher than normal during the ‘healing phase’

3.  Refusing to see sugar as ‘inflammatory’ and therefore anti-healing – sugar inflames the system, chronic inflammation is seen as one of the major factors in most diseases.  When the system in inflamed, healing is retarded.

And how long does one need to be mindful of optimal nutrition???  Well, the full duration of the wound-healing cascade is roughly 1 year, with some practitioners in this field inclined to extend this period to more like 500 days in terms of fascia.  Quite literally – FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

This is one of my major topics at Fitpro Live this year.  If you are working with  the Post Natal client and would really like to help your clients TRULY RECOVER DEEPLY, you’ll love this session.  Hope to see you there!






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