C-Section Scar Pain? Don’t Suffer in Silence!

Front-Back-Functional-Lines-266x300Do you or your clients have a painful or restricting C-Section scar?  Guess what?  Your recovery from C-Section and how your scar and surrounding tissue feels way into the Post Natal period is also part of your Pelvic Health and continence story.  Did you know that your abdominal wall muscles and tissues are intrinsically linked to your Pelvic Floor?

In nearly a decade of soft tissue work and fitness with Pregnant and Post Natal clients, this one issue kept cropping up – PAINFUL C-SECTION SCARS and referral pain to else where in the body, especially, low back and hips (to the sides back and front).  You can visit www.burrelleducation and view this blog if you want a more technical version of the issues, but ultimately, I found many women ‘putting up with’ chronic pain that had its origins post C-Section birthing.

The good new is that, in terms of the more superficial causes of this type of pain, there is hope and the potential for ‘one-treatment’ relief using the brilliant techniques of the Burrell Method for Holistic C-Section Recovery.  This therapy works because the woman’s body is seen as an integrated whole through Myofascia, Myofascial Lines (above) and  Muscular Sling Systems (below) and movement patterns and instead of seeing the SOURCE  of the pain (the C-Section scar) as the key or only issue,  we go beyond this and consequently do a more thorough job at solving the pain and restriction issues.

The 4 Muscular Sling Systems


At the Initial Consultation, the client is allowed to self-report her pain/restriction issues and using the thought process where the focus is on freeing ‘stuck’ tissue, muscle, fascia, the entire Myofascial Line and the movement pattern, the therapists then gets to work using a variety of massage modalities including the traditional hands, myofascial foam rollers, Instrument Assisted Massage tools,  Soft Tissue Release…….the end results….well, I’ll let the ladies speak for themselves but the key takeaway is DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE, and if you have had a C-Section and you are suffering from knee pain, hip pain, back pain, foot pain….get in touch with us here because there probably is a connection and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Instrument Assisted Massage Tool

Instrument Assisted Massage Tool

Here are some of the simpler strategies that we use and that you can use for your own self-care…..please feel free to share this video if you think it would help a friend 🙂

This video is taken from a deeper blog on ‘Holistic C-Section Recovery that you might also be interested in…..

This was Theresa’s further feedback text post treatment:

“I just wanted to say thank you for today.  I’t s been the first time in AGES that my body feels free and mobile.  Even in the mirror my body is more aligned”.


So if you’re struggling with a restricted C-Section Scar or Scar Pain, please find one of our EXCELLENT Coaches near you to help you get relief and return to functionality, it’s important not only for your comfort and ability to go throughout your day pain-free but also for your core function, Pelvic Floor function, your posture and any back pain issues that you might suffering.


And, if you’re a Massage Therapist, you might also be interested in this 2-Day Pregnancy Massage and Post Natal Remedial Therapy CPD in London….



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