Super Fibre-Provider Amazeballs!

In a bid to optimize the bowel function (yes, I just wrote that!) of every Holistic Core Restore® participant, here’s my latest creation….the Super Fibre-Provider Amazeball.  Not only wonderful for helping ‘regularity’ they also taste delish!  The ingredients that made the Super Fibre-Provider Amazeballs below are: Dried figs, dried prunes, chia seeds, ground almonds, macadamia nuts, pecan nuts  and my killer ingredient…. dried Morello cherries (full of anti-oxidants – important for tissue healing and cell regeneration) that I found in the baking section in my local Sainbury’s – the exact amounts?…well, to be honest, I just add the wetter ingredients first and then add the drier ingredients while the food processor is running until I get to a consistency that’s sticky and will roll into a ball well.  Then finish by rolling each ball in some desiccated coconut to make it look pretty 🙂  I think everyone in the family will love them and they are a brilliant replacement for shop-bought rubbish….natural sugars, really filling (I dare you to eat more than 2 at a time) home-made, great for improving bowel function and therefore pelvic health and lastly great for hormonal health too (because ‘going’ regularly is all part of that story as well!).  Win, win, win 🙂 Enjoy!




Read about the amazing benefits of Chia here at the Chia UK site…..

chia seeds


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