Holistic Core Restore® School – Great Video Interviews Full of ESSENTIAL Pelvic Health Info


At Holistic Core Restore® our greatest goal is to empower the women we serve through taking action and getting educated about their amazing bodies….Jenny Burrell the creator of the programme is head of Burrell Education a global leader in the education of fitness and wellness professionals working in the field of women’s wellness and has had the chance to connect with and interview some of the top and most amazing clinicians and thought leaders who serve in the field of women’s wellness…..here’s a collection of video that we thought might interest you…enjoy!

https://www.holisticcorerestore.com/teach-holistic-core-restore/Would you like to guide more women towards great ‘Pelvic Core’ and overall health, improve their energy, nutrition and wellbeing? Are you already serving women through fitness and wellness?  Would you like to become a Licensed Core Restore Coach? Learn more by clicking here…..


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