The 10 BIG ROCKS of Post Natal Exercise!

In the many conversations being had about Post Natal exercise and how a woman returns to or begins exercise after birth….THESE ARE THE  MOST IMPORTANT POINTS!  This is YOUR JOURNEY! This is YOUR BODY!  Many of the normal images we’re exposed to have been doctored!  YOUR AMAZING BODY has carried and birthed a new life!  And it took 9 months to grow a baby, expect around the same timeframe for your return journey despite what ‘showbizland’ tells you!

So, where does the average woman begin? Here are my top 10 tips to ensure you come through the other side a strong, vital, reconnected and functional mom!

1.  Don’t begin too soon!  Depending on where you live, you now might or might not be offered the traditional 6/8 weeks Post Birth check which we all know has limited value for the woman but that 6 week period takes you further away from the danger zone of things such a postpartum haemorrhage (potentially life-threatening blood loss post birth) and allows time for involution of your uterus (the return to it’s normal size and position) which is a VITAL landmark of your post birth recovery.

2.  Even though you are in the ‘new mom zone’ and you might feel that your needs are gradually going further down your list of priorities, what you are eating during this really critical timeframe for recover, REALLY MATTERS!  After such a dramatic event such as birthing, especially if you have sustained tear and cuts, your body will need not only more calories but some very essential nutrients that are the building blocks of making new cells.  Getting enough water is also a huge requirement of a good recovery and you’ll need more if you’re breastfeeding.  This is a sample of an excellent days nutrition for a recovering mom.

3.  I know you’re busy and tired, but you need to take time to listen to your body….what you can feel and hear is way more important that what you can see and fitting back into your jeans. Functionality and your body actually working the way it SHOULD DO,  is way more important than aesthetics at this point but of course the world doesn’t tell you that.  So if you’ve got a leaky Pelvic Floor, if you have pain….anywhere, if you think you have a Diastasis Recti (tummy gap after Pregnancy), if you have foot pain, jaw pain, upper or lower back pain, knee pain, hip pain, pain around or under your ribs.  If you can’t wear a tampon anymore or sex hurts when it didn’t before…..overall, if anything doesn’t feel like it did before THAT’S ENOUGH of a reason to seek the help and guidance that will return you to having a body you actually feel at ease in and that’s PAIN/DISCOMFORT FREE!

4. If you sneeze, jump, laugh, skip, cough or vomit and you pee yourself you need to have ZERO TOLERANCE here!  Forget about those stupid ‘whoops moments’ ads that are trying to normalize grown women not having control of their own bladders. THEY ARE SELLING THEIR PRODUCTS and to sell their products, they need you to think that it’s OK to pee in your pants when you are just going about your blooming life!  Again, at Holistic Core Restore® we have ZERO TOLERANCE and no leak is too small for us to spring into action with strategies that have WORKED FOR A LOT OF WOMEN!

no to post natal whoops moments


5. Back to that tummy gap/Diastasis Recti….if you have one….find someone with expertise, passion and a track record of success to help you recover PROPERLY!  If they mention crunches, planks, v-sits, bicycles or any standard ‘stomach’ exercises… for your life!! I MEAN THAT…..they are mis-informed and they could make things worse for you. Current stats show that 2/3rds of women with Diastasis Recti often have other ‘pelvic issues’ so get an educated pro to help you EVERYTIME!  Look at how these ladies ‘came back home’!

post natal diastasis recovery

The fabulous Diastasis Recovery client of our Coach, Kate Smart in Teddington.

6. Regardless of your fitness levels before, START SLOW AND BUILD UP – IT’S AN INSIDE OUT JOB.  No matter how strong you were before birthing, you’ve still undergone a major PHYSICAL LIFE EVENT not to mention your 9 months of growing and carrying your baby.  Walking is an AWESOME WAY to start your return to movement, then get help to get your breathing right.  Respiration and your Diaphragm which is often pushed out of functionality in the later stages of Pregnancy, 100% need to work together with the rest of your core including your Pelvic Floor…..if as you exhale, you can’t really see your tummy going down or feel any tensioning and lifting in your Pelvic Floor, you MUST find someone to help you regain this co-ordination or your CORE WON’T BE DOING IT’S JOB.  And that will also affect the way your tummy looks and the way that your Pelvic Floor works.

7. Study after study has shown that getting outside and walking is THE ULTIMATE TONIC for humans on both a physical and psychological level.  Watch this short video on a great study done by  Stanford University on walking in nature and walking in a built-up, urban environment.  It’s pretty amazing…

8.  Forget about ‘DIETS AND EXERCISE’!!!! Yes you read that right!  How do those words even make you feel anyway?  How about we exchange those words to Nourishment and Movement and begin the process of ceasing the self-flagellation that we’ve probably been performing for most of our adult lives.  We don’t need to ‘diet’, we just need to stop eating crappy non-foods, we don’t need to go to the gym to ‘exercise’, we just need to integrate much more movement into our lives and in a more natural environment where possible.  We just need to lose the ‘processed food and the processed movement’ and get back to giving our ‘animal’ selves the movement and food nourishment that it was designed to run off.  Overall, we’ve advanced a LOT as humans in many ways but on these two points, what we eat and how we move….we’ve pretty much b*ggered ourselves!! THE GOOD NEWS = it’s so simple to unb*gger yourself.  Eat REAL FOOD and GET OUT MORE INTO NATURE AND GENERALLY MOVE MORE!  Voila!  So simple, but we humans just like to make it difficult. 🙂

9.  Check the credentials, experience, education, success track-record and passion-levels of EVERYONE you ask to help you at this important time! Neither a PhD or a white coat means that that person is beyond your inspection!  Have they truly got the strategies to help you recover?  Are you able to contact a few references before committing?  What’s the plan?  How long will it take to see some results?  YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER, you’re allowed to ask and if the professional concerned thinks that they are beyond this level of scrutiny, they probably aren’t right for the job!

10.  If you’re now going to add a new thing to your already busy life, guess what?  You need to make real room for it and possibly take something else of your plate or this new programme might well just lead to you feeling overwhelmed which is the opposite of what’s required? So what do you need to take off your plate to make room for this new time and energy expenditure that you’re embarking on?

post natal overload

My final thoughts……

gentle post natal

If any of the issues raised above are issues for you?  Myself and all the Holistic Core Restore® team would love to here from you!  You can search for a coach near to you here!

See you soon and happy recovery!



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