1. DEEPLY educating women to find their voices and reclaim their power and authority over their own health and bodies.

2. Supporting women on their journey to extreme self-compassion and self-care by prioritizing their Pelvic Health.

3. Elevating the act of prioritising one’s Pelvic Health to the highest demonstration of RADICAL SELF-CARE and self-compassion.

4. Normalising and promoting Pelvic Health as a priority activity for the whole of a woman’s lifetime.

5. DEEPLY EDUCATING professionals to a ‘GOLD STANDARD’ to enable them to provide ‘full circle of care’ for the women they serve……to go the extra mile!

6. Emancipating women from the belief that there is no hope, choice or they have no control.

7. Informing women so well that they can confidently become leaders in their own community and within their own families.

8. Disempowering the incontinence pad manufacturers who, at this point are so brazen in their messaging that they wholeheartedly promote their products as the SOLUTION to your continence issues for the rest of your life – which that is 100% incorrect.

9. Teaching and empowering women so well that we do ourselves out of a job!

10. Truly running a ‘Mission-Based-Business’ where our purpose and purpose ALWAYS COMES FIRST!


The Holistic Core Restore® Programmes are DIFFERENT because, primarily, they are ALWAY GUIDED whether IN-PERSON or when delivered ‘VIRTUALLY/ONLINE’, you are never simply left to get on with any programme.  We don’t leave women to figure out some of the most complexed health issues they will have in their lifetime BY THEMSELVES! NO WOMAN WORKS ALONE! So, even if you decide to work with a client ‘Virtually’, you are still leading, supporting, guiding and adjusting the content to meet this woman where she is – THIS IS WHAT EVERY CLIENT BOTH NEEDS AND DESERVES!

The programmes are based on deep SCIENCE AND EVIDENCE, SUPPORT and SOLIDARITY in our mission to raise the bar in terms of care, education and empowerment for every woman whose life we touch.


Most importantly?? YOU as the professional being 100% dedicated to taking your personal and professional practice as a Women’s Pelvic, Core and Global Health Advocate to the NEXT LEVEL!


1. As a HCR® Licencee you’ll receive an education package that allows you to access to the latest ACCREDITED Holistic Women’s Health education with a special emphasis on Pelvic Health, Pregnancy, Nutrition, Post Birth, Soft Tissue Therapies and the Peri-to-Post Menopausal years.

2. The world of Women’s Wellness and Pelvic/Core Health is constantly evolving. Through a deep and ongoing education and input from programme Creator Jenny Burrell, being a HCR® Coach means that virtually everyday is a school day, which is what’s required to our job DEEPLY. To be a successful Coach you’ll also need a dedication to ongoing education as part of your commitment to being ‘GOLD STANDARD’.

Both regularly and as necessary Jenny Burrell delivers impromptu education to the Coaches as a means of keeping them truly up-to-date on all things ‘Women’s Health’.  And November 2020 sees the first Holistic Core Restore(R) Coach Global Education Summit where Coaches get to access the wisdom of top Women’s Wellness educators in the comfort of their own homes.


1. HCR® is most certainly not a ‘purchase and disappear/do your own thing’ kind of Licence. We know they exist but we’re not one of them! We are very much A TEAM ON A MISSION and the support of both your peers and Jenny Burrell will be part of your daily life when you become a Coach.

2. We work as one with a commitment to ‘the cause’ and in the same way that the women we serve are deeply supported, each Coach is also never left to work things out!

3. Supporting you in your own personal growth and business is also a large part of HCR®. Our motto is REACH MORE WOMEN AND TRANSFORM MORE LIVES…..which can only be achieved when every Coach is out there in the world and highly visible. To this end, every Coach automatically access the HCR® Business Mentorship Monthly classes in order to sharpen up their business skills and ensure that each Coach reaches their potential and reaches as many women of the world so desperate for their help.


1. Every Licencee has access to the programming content for all of the 15 Holistic Core Restore® programmes.  The Programme Education is delivered in video format within the Holistic Core Restore® Coach online portal with clear direction on how to Coach and make the content bespoke to suit the clients’ needs.  The programmes aren’t ‘cookie-cutter’ or ‘one-size-fits-all’. There’s a rationale, a suggested format, a bank of programming content in video form but overall, Coaches meet the client where she is and all programmes are tailored for the individual. Because that’s pretty ESSENTIAL.

2. All bases are covered from ‘screening to signing off’, from healing nutrition to habit change, from soft tissue therapy to sleep hygiene. The content you’ll have access to will be second to none. Our aim is to ensure you are wildly successful with each and everyone of your clients….everytime!


The cost of a License is a one-off, initial ‘Start Up’ Payment of £497+ VAT – payment possible in 2 instalments.
Licensees will then pay an additional monthly payment of £47 +VAT (payable only after the 2nd month of your License has run).

This monthly fee includes ALL of your ACCREDITED Coach Education, all Programme Content + updates,  client screening support and ongoing education from Jenny Burrell via the Coaches Support Facebook Group.

Become an Holistic Core Restore Coach


Absolutely, we have a LOT of overseas Coaches hailing from the world of Fitness, Yoga and Physiotherapy and providing you are able to attend all virtually-live training (i.e. via Zoom) you’re very welcomed to take up a Licence.



Doors are now perpetually open for onboarding of  New Coach Licensees.  You can apply to be a part of this intake by CLICKING HERE to complete the ‘First Steps – Application Form’.  PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE VIEWED THE WEBINAR ON THIS PAGE ENTIRELY BEFORE MAKING YOUR APPLICATION!

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