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We were delighted to revamp and re-launch Holistic Core Restore® at the December Training in London 2017, ready for 2018!  So, what’s new??  And what could becoming a Licensee mean for you and your business??

  1.  In 2018, we will now have the capacity to take OVERSEAS Coaches and any professional who prefers to train remotely.  We’ll use the technology and have remote/live/online training throughout the year and of course still gather twice a year in London for our ‘big training’, programme update and celebration of our achievements!  If you are not located in the UK and would like to access this Licensed suit of products ready to quite literally ‘plug into your existing business’, please take a look at the contents on this page and if you think HCR is a great fit for you, we can arrange a Skype call.

2.  We will launch our FANTASTIC ‘Athlete 12’ Programme, which is a progression from our foundation courses Everywoman and Heat and now we get busy with more challenging movement and add additional tools such as dumbbells….when your clients are ready for the next level ‘Athlete 12’ will deliver and keep them happy, progressing and wanting to stay in your business.  This is HOT and for sure will 100% satisfy your more athletic clients…..they will never want to leave you!

If you’ve been wanting to add an ONLINE offering to your business and clients but have found this challenging….we’ll make it easy for you with this new programme where you are supported in delivering and 12-week virtual programme with progressed online class and content ALL DONE FOR YOU!  Then you as the instructor take a Live class within a protected online platform weekly and are there to support/coach and guide the clients in real time.  Perfect for retaining your client and attracting others who can’t attend a fully LIVE class.  This HCR programmes comes to them, anywhere they are on the planet……fantastic!  There is a global audience of women looking for good information and excellent, evidence-based and safe help and we’ll show you how to get in front of them!

3.  Our new 2018 launch is of something that’s very dear to my heart and that’s our new ‘Recovery’ Programme.  A programme especially tailored for any woman who is recovering from Hysterectomy or Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) surgery or trying to maintain positive movement whilst managing POP.  Help and good information for this client population regardless of how long ago they had their procedure is very challenging to find, so we’ve created something that we hope will right a wrong and reach more women as this programme will have both live and online capabilities.

So, how do you become a Holistic Core Restore Coach?  We’ll, below is an outline of what’s involved, what it means to you and your business and how you’ll most definitely be able to serve your clients even deeper!

How We Help You Serve Deeper as a Certified Holistic Core Restore® Coach?

A DEEP foundation certification, accredited by NASM covering the Women’s Wellness, Pelvic Health and Nutrition THROUGHOUT ALL THE LIFE PHASES and ongoing live and on-line education that’s both unique and unparalleled in the world of fitness and women’s movement/wellness education.  In the UK, external accreditation is ESSENTIAL if you are to be fully covered via your Insurance Company. Use the dropdown menu on the Home Page to view the full suite of HCR Programmes.

An evidence-based, cutting edge programme that GETS RESULTS! AND CHANGES LIVES!

Pre-Created Automated Pre-Screen

Our Unique Hands-on Pre-Screen Technique

Release & Re-alignment Strategies

Access to Extensive Filmed Movement Prescription Resource Library FOR EVERY PROGRAMME

Extensive Done-For-You Client Education Content

Done-For-You Marketing Materials

Connection to a clinical referral community

Done-For-You Client Nutrition Plan

Emphasis on Restoration & Relaxation

Done-For-You Client Homework Portal

Progressive Offerings for Optimum Client Retention

Business Marketing Strategy

Done-For-You and Continuously Updated Facebook Ad Strategies

Access to Private Facebook Support Group

Be part of a progressive, brilliant, vibrant, global and unique team!

With the potential to truly develop your PRODUCT LADDER

Coaches using the latest Stickmobility® ‘fascial tensioning’ technology to go-deeper and help you truly re-connect to your body…..

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a Licensee?

Potential Income.....?

Any Extra Expenditure......?
Do I have to deliver all of the programmes?

There's a HCR Contract, Am I locked into this contract for a specific time period?

I'm an overseas Coach or can't make the next LIVE Training Day, can I still start teaching and how will I be updated with new content?

**Brand New For 2018**  Dr. Emily Splichal of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy will also join Holistic Core Restore as another Clinical Advisor. Elevating our education to the highest level regarding ‘foot to core’ function and women’s movement longevity.  We are both thrilled and excited to have Dr. Splichal’s input into this programme and incorporate her Naboso Technology mat into our programming.

Your Coach Licensee Investment

It’s SUPER SIMPLE – £397 + VAT (or two monthly instalments of £200+VAT) to access EVERYTHING listed above including the Certification Education, CONTENT FOR EVERY PROGRAMME, ongoing tutorials/support/mentoring and Training Days for £37 +VAT/month after two months grace period as you start to use/teach the content.

Next 2018 LIVE Training Days – Central London, UK

Saturday 7th July 2018

Saturday 24th November 2018

If you are interested in becoming a coach, please in the first instance email Rachel, Jenny’s PA with the following information:

  • Your postcode and the specific locality you would like to cover should you become a coach
  • A link to your business FB page or website
  • A little about yourself and why you would like to become a HCR® coach

Our coaches aim to inspire and empower not just their clients, but their fellow coaches – creating a camaraderie amongst licensees.  It is therefore important to us that new coaches fit in well and follow the same ethos.

Rachel will be back in touch with you once we have had a good read through your information and checked the area you would like to cover for availability.

What Happens After You Pay?

Whether you have paid the full ‘joining fee’ or the first of two instalments, this is what will happen next:

  • You’ll be welcomed into the HCR® Coaches Group on FB by Jenny and begin the on-boarding process.
  • You’ll be assigned a Coach Mentor to support you on your Coach journey.



Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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