Become a Holistic Core Restore Coach®

 What could becoming a Licensee mean for you and your business??

  1.  In 2018, we will now have the capacity to take OVERSEAS Coaches and any professional who prefers to train remotely.  We’ll use the technology and have remote/live/online training throughout the year and of course still gather twice a year in London for our ‘big training’, programme update and celebration of our achievements!  If you are not located in the UK and would like to access this Licensed suit of products ready to quite literally ‘plug into your existing business’, please take a look at the contents on this page and if you think HCR is a great fit for you, we can arrange a Skype call.

2.  We will launch our FANTASTIC ‘Athlete 12’ Programme, which is a progression from our foundation courses Everywoman and Heat and now we get busy with more challenging movement and add additional tools such as dumbbells….when your clients are ready for the next level ‘Athlete 12’ will deliver and keep them happy, progressing and wanting to stay in your business.  This is HOT and for sure will 100% satisfy your more athletic clients…..they will never want to leave you!

If you’ve been wanting to add an ONLINE offering to your business and clients but have found this challenging….we’ll make it easy for you with this new programme where you are supported in delivering and 12-week virtual programme with progressed online class and content ALL DONE FOR YOU!  Then you as the instructor take a Live class within a protected online platform weekly and are there to support/coach and guide the clients in real time.  Perfect for retaining your client and attracting others who can’t attend a fully LIVE class.  This HCR programmes comes to them, anywhere they are on the planet……fantastic!  There is a global audience of women looking for good information and excellent, evidence-based and safe help and we’ll show you how to get in front of them!

3.  Our new 2018 launch is of something that’s very dear to my heart and that’s our new ‘Recovery’ Programme.  A programme especially tailored for any woman who is recovering from Hysterectomy or Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) surgery or trying to maintain positive movement whilst managing POP.  Help and good information for this client population regardless of how long ago they had their procedure is very challenging to find, so we’ve created something that we hope will right a wrong and reach more women as this programme will have both live and online capabilities.

So, how do you become a Holistic Core Restore Coach?  We’ll, below is an outline of what’s involved, what it means to you and your business and how you’ll most definitely be able to serve your clients even deeper!

How We Help You Serve Deeper as a Certified Holistic Core Restore® Coach?

A DEEP foundation certification, accredited by NASM covering the Women’s Wellness, Pelvic Health and Nutrition THROUGHOUT ALL THE LIFE PHASES and ongoing live and on-line education that’s both unique and unparalleled in the world of fitness and women’s movement/wellness education.  In the UK, external accreditation is ESSENTIAL if you are to be fully covered via your Insurance Company. Use the dropdown menu on the Home Page to view the full suite of HCR Programmes.

An evidence-based, cutting edge programme that GETS RESULTS! AND CHANGES LIVES!
Rest assured that you are delivering a programme based on sound evidence with a positive track record since 2013 of changing women’s lives with thousands of happy and successful customers!  Although you have access to all the client-facing and personal education content for every programme (11 in 2018), you’re not expected to deliver all the programmes but instead, find what speaks to you and your clients and deliver the programmes that are true to your passions and skillsets.  HCR Coaches go deeper and the success of their businesses are testament to the power of these programmes. Read their testimonials here.

Pre-Created Automated Pre-Screen
No more guessing when you’re Pre-Screening.  Every potential client goes through the HCR® Red Flag Deep Screen to ascertain whether their needs can be met by this ‘conservative’ programme or requires clinical referral.  It’s all pre-created, you just send the electronic link and if you’re still not sure, you simply ask for help in the Support Forum hosted by Jenny Burrell and our Clinical Consultant, Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Michelle Lyons. Either way, it’s  Done-For-You and you are utterly supported in your take-on process! The potential for ongoing learning through the discussions that occur in the Facebook Support group and the direct guidance of Jenny and Michelle are actually priceless and means that your confidence when prescribing and working with your client is truly second to none.

Our Unique Hands-on Pre-Screen Technique
Every coach learns how to apply our unique hands-on Pre-Screening for Postural Alignment, Diastasis, C-Section Recovery and all the issues covered within the programme (where applicable) and screens for and coaches Instrinsic Core Synergy® for every client, every time to ensure we build your programme on the best foundation possible! Additionally, you are massively subsidised to become a Sports Massage Therapist and a Specialist Pregnancy/Post Natal Massage and Soft Tissue Therapist as a HCR Coach as the value of adding these advanced skills when working with post surgery client is MASSIVE and has the potential to transform your client results – with exclusive Discounts off listed prices for both courses.

Release & Re-alignment Strategies
Every coach learns how to apply simple but effective hands-on or movement-based soft tissue ‘release, mobilization and re-alignment’ strategies.  Essential for getting the clients moving well and functioning optimally again and many of the Coaches are Certified Massage and Remedial Therapists so you are in super safe and effective hands.

Access to Extensive Filmed Movement Prescription Resource Library FOR EVERY PROGRAMME
This is continually updated – Every coach will have access to an extensive exercise library and Done-For-You programming, systems and strategies for EVERY HCR® Programme that will transform your skill set when working with the Pregnant, Post Natal, Menopausal, Post Pelvic Surgery Recovery, and Athlete client seeking to improve their pelvic/core and overall fitness and well-being.  It’s not a cut and paste system… are given the extensive content and skills to create bespoke programming to suit the needs of the woman in front of you.

Extensive Done-For-You Client Education Content
Clear and easy to understand client information and education is ESSENTIAL.  Improved adherence = improved RESULTS! We’ve got this nailed.  EVERY client following any element of the programme receives access to the HCR® Client Education Portal, full of essential information regarding Pelvic Health and general women’s wellness which is progressed to cover the duration of their programme so that they are not stuck doing the same homework for weeks and not progressing.  The Homework Portal information will last your client’s a lifetime and is essential in a world where good information is challenging to find.

Done-For-You Marketing Materials
You’ll also need art worked flyers, posters, pop-up-banners and other client information documents… worry at all.  We provide the artwork, you simply get what you need reproduced and you’ll save a fortune on testing what works, because that’s already been done for you.

Connection to a clinical referral community
mummymot-logo1This conservative programme isn’t for everyone, no programme can be, so all HRC®  are aligned with Maria Elliott’s Mummy MOT Post Natal Physiotherapists to whom they can refer clients onto should they present with Red Flag/clinical issues that require a deeper approach.  This is essential to truly complete the circle of care for the client and always ensure that the client’s true needs are always served and put first.  The programme is also supported by many of the most respected educators within the field of Women’s Health, Nutrition and Physiotherapy and has Michelle Lyons as our day-to-day Clinical Advisor.

Done-For-You Client Nutrition Plan
Your ‘Nutrition and Lifestyle for Healing + Recovery’ content is Done-For-You!  You’ll be educated and on registering for the programme, every client receives an education in our unique HCR® Healing Foods Recipes and Guidance via our online portal. Just real food, no crazy stuff, cooked at home, guaranteed to heal, repair and nourish deeply.  This content is delivered by Jenny Burrell within the Client Membership Portal.

Emphasis on Restoration & Relaxation
All programmes include our unique HCR® ‘Rel-ease’ system which emphasises the importance of the ‘down-training’ of the core and the global nervous system.  This programming emphasises the importance of not only strength but also the power of ‘down-regulation’, restoration and relaxation.  This is ESSENTIAL for truly supporting the woman on her real-life journey back to health.

Done-For-You Client Homework Portal
We all know the HUGE importance client’s doing their homework plays and so we’ve got this covered for you!  A progressed homework and education programme is available for EVERY client via an online portal that clients can access independently between their sessions with you.  No more shaggy dog stories about lost homework!  Client adherence is improved and so are their results. That’s a huge part of why this programme works!

Progressive Offerings for Optimum Client Retention
We know that to have a profitable and successful business you need to keep your clients IN YOUR BUSINESS and progressing through your offerings.  We’ve got this covered too! This package contains programming progressions that will keep your clients happy and progressing for a LONG TIME!  Clients will start with you and STAY with you!

Business Marketing Strategy
A solid and consistent business and marketing strategy is the ESSENTIAL bedrock of any business – no ‘tips and tricks’ here – we go deep with foundation education and help you implement as strong SYSTEM into your business so there is no HOPE MARKETING!  Instead, sound, consistent strategies that keep you winning! Each Coach has access to monthly Social Media Tutorials, delivered by our Expert Consultant within our membership site and support via the coach Business Group and COMPLIMENTARY membership of the Burrell Education Business Mentorship as part of their License Fee.

Done-For-You and Continuously Updated Facebook Ad Strategies
When you need to advertise your HCR® offerings on Facebook, there will be NO messing about and trial and error trying to create an ad that will be accepted….our tried and tested ads are all Done-For-You!  How to tag and word a successful ad is all Done-For-You!  And we keep you uptodate on the continually changing landscape of Facebook-land  so that you just need to follow the instructions, place your ad and sit back and watch the magic happen!

Access to Private Facebook Support Group
Every coach received unprecedented support via a Private Facebook Support group hosted by Jenny Burrell, Michelle Lyons and the rest of the support team which means YOU ARE NEVER ALONE in this process.  You get a team and your fellow Licensees in your corner everyday, supporting, encouraging not only you but your work with your clients too!

Be part of a progressive, brilliant, vibrant, global and unique team!
No more going it alone, no more trying to work things out and it taking you ages.  Enjoy both the emotional, creative and business support of a global network of fitness and wellness professionals dedicated to the art of ‘women’s wellness’ and dedicated to elevating their work to a very special place. Every Coach is Coached! When you join as a new Coach, you are assigned to a HCR Master Trainer who has been truly successful in the programme for many years.  You simply book 30 minute coaching sessions with your mentor to help you iron out any starting queries and help you to launch in style.

With the potential to truly develop your PRODUCT LADDER
HCR supports in creating and building  A BUSINESS!  It truly is a Licence for those who are ready to take the next big step and run a strong, purpose driven BUSINESS.

Coaches using the latest Stickmobility® ‘fascial tensioning’ technology to go-deeper and help you truly re-connect to your body…..

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a Licensee?
You need to be……..

1.  A fully certified/qualified Fitness or Health Professional or aligned professional such as a Physiotherapist or Midwife – anyone who wants to improve their ability to help women though out their life phases with modern Core Restoration/Re-Connection movement-based programming and education.

2.  Ideally, certified in Pregnancy & Post Natal Exercise via any discipline or have a similar certification via your aligned profession.

3.  Fully Insured to teach exercise/movement. If, for example, you have a Soft Tissue Therapy background and wish to become a HCR® Coach, you will first need to obtain a certification allowing you to teach movement.  This is not something that Burrell Education offer however our Student Support Group on Facebook homes thousands of students, passed and present who will have taken a certification and can therefore advise on how to obtain this.

4.  Passionate about working with women and women’s health, preferably with an established female client-base.

5.  Fairly tech-savvy and have a good handle on the main social media channels and managing a website.

6.  A team player and happy to be part/share/communicate with the rest of the team – AND WE ARE A TEAM 100%!

7.  Prepared to dedicate time to your on-going study,  learning and nurturing this project within your existing business.  The learning is ONGOING!

8.  A website owner or in the process of creating one and with a Social Media presence.

9.  A ‘Can-Do & Will-Do’ sort of person!

Potential Income.....?
As an example, the minimum price for the the foundation 6 week ‘Every Woman’ – meet once weekly programme is £107 and £147 (dependent on location).  (PLEASE BE AWARE THAT: The content of all programmes can be adapted to small group training and 1-1 work).  After factoring the cost of the client’s homework kit and space hire, your income for a small group session of say 8-12 clients is still way above industry standards for a fitness/wellness class.  Also, with client retention in mind, after they have graduated from the Everywoman Programme, you also have the ability to provide your clients with the follow-on programmes that can be delivered both live and online to ensure that your happy and successful clients remain IN YOUR BUSINESS!

The sky’s the limit in terms of marketing and offering the additional offerings (see here) as extra income generators within your business.  All of the programmes/systems have high value and are hugely in demand by any female client-base,  so employing your entrepreneurial spirit will totally supersize your capacity to cover your license fee in no time at all if you are already serving a significant number of female clients.

And of course you are also firmly within the HCR® Family of Coaches which means your learning and education  and the support you receive for your whole business NEVER ends – and that’s priceless.

Any Extra Expenditure......?

Each client undertaking the programme requires a homework kit – a Pilates knee squeeze ball, a small selection of resistance bands and maybe a few other pieces of very inexpensive kit and access to the online portal for their homework, nutrition and education content.  This is a huge USP of the programme, ultimately, we want clients to be able to learn to work effectively without us being present for the rest of their lives.  So this level of extra education is VITAL.

You will need to source your own client kits but within the community we’re always communicating where to find the best kit at the best price.   Plus, you will have to cover the cost of duplicating/printing any of your own publicity materials (flyers, pop-up banners, posters etc.,) Although ALL your high quality artwork is DONE-FOR-YOU at no extra cost as as part of your License Fee.

Do I have to deliver all of the programmes?

Absolutely not, it would be impossible.  You simply choose the areas of Women’s Health or Life Phases that you are most passionate about and then get busy incorporating the programming into what you do to serve the women you’re already connected with or attract new clients.  The choice is entirely your and in all honestly, there is just so much fluidity around women’s health issues, you’ll be very grateful for the extensive content from time to time to help you serve your clients as they potentially straddle life-phases.  Either way, it’s all there for you, feel free to use everything that resonates to you and fits your mission and your business.

There's a HCR Contract, Am I locked into this contract for a specific time period?

Again, absolutely not, our contract is very much about our Code of Conduct and HCR Standards.  We want every Coach to be HAPPY.  If you simply feel that the programme isn’t for you once you’ve signed up, simply let Jenny know and we’ll begin the disengagement process, it’s as simple as that really, everyone needs to be happy.

I'm an overseas Coach or can't make the next LIVE Training Day, can I still start teaching and how will I be updated with new content?

ALL NEW CONTENT IS RECORDED AND ADDED TO OUR COACH PORTAL.  If not a LIVE recording of Training Day events, then there will be a fully explanatory recording of any new content made by Jenny that will be placed in the Coach portal shortly after Training Day.  No Coach gets left behind!  We ask that every Coach attends at least 1 LIVE Training Day per year (at no extra cost) simply because LIVE is best for both learning and having community with the other Coaches, but we know that this isn’t economical for those outside of the UK.  But, rest assured you’ll ALWAYS  be 100% in the loop and fully updated wherever you are in the world.

**Brand New For 2018**  Dr. Emily Splichal of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy will also join Holistic Core Restore as another Clinical Advisor. Elevating our education to the highest level regarding ‘foot to core’ function and women’s movement longevity.  We are both thrilled and excited to have Dr. Splichal’s input into this programme and incorporate her Naboso Technology mat into our programming.

Your Coach Licensee Investment

It’s SUPER SIMPLE – £397 + VAT (or two monthly instalments of £200+VAT) to access EVERYTHING listed above including the Certification Education, CONTENT FOR EVERY PROGRAMME, ongoing tutorials/support/mentoring and Training Days. 

Following a two month grace period, your ongoing monthly license fee will be £37 +VAT per month as you start to use and teach the content.

Next 2019 LIVE Training Days – Central London, UK

Saturday 11th May and Saturday 23rd November, 2019

Coaches at our November, 2018 Training Day – An ESSENTIAL part of why these programmes are so successful is ONGOING EDUCATION AND CONSTANT REFINING!


If you are interested in becoming a coach, please in the first instance email Rachel, Jenny’s PA with the following information:

  • Your postcode and the specific locality you would like to cover should you become a coach
  • A link to your business FB page or website
  • A little about yourself and why you would like to become a HCR® coach

Our coaches aim to inspire and empower not just their clients, but their fellow coaches – creating a camaraderie amongst licensees.  It is therefore important to us that new coaches fit in well and follow the same ethos.

Rachel will be back in touch with you once we have had a good read through your information and checked the area you would like to cover for availability.

If your area is approved, you will be asked to schedule a zoom meeting with Jenny.  Should you both be happy to proceed, Jenny will send over the payment link so your coach sign up fee can be paid.

What Happens After You Pay?

Whether you pay the full ‘joining fee’ or the first of two instalments, this is what will happen next:

  • You’ll be welcomed into the HCR® Coaches Group on FB by Jenny and begin the on-boarding process.
  • You’ll be assigned a Coach Mentor to support you on your Coach journey.
  • Your monthly license fee will commence 2 months following sign up.


Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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