Welcome to Holistic Core Restore® BUMP! ‘Bump’ is a Pelvic Floor and Core
integrated, functional movement programme designed to safely guide a woman through an active Pregnancy and Birth Preparation. It is offered by Coaches as either small group training or 1-1 programme.

‘Bump’ is specially designed to keep the mom-to-be strong, mobile and pain free
throughout her Pregnancy and get her ready for ‘mom-life’.  We’ll get you re-acquainted with your Pelvic Floor and the rest of your Core, help you exercise safely and meaningfully throughout the Trimesters and truly get you ready and FUNCTIONALLY match-fit for your ‘big day’ and your 4th Trimester!

Coach Julie Balson + Client
 Women’s Wellness Coach, Burrell Education Master Trainer and Mom!


Are you a Pregnant woman who wants to safely get or stay fit during Pregnancy and prepare for your birth with a passionate and highly trained/experienced Coach?

Do you want to know more about your Pelvic Floor, Core and overall health AND feel empowered during your Pregnancy?

Have you experienced the odd leaky Pelvic Floor incident during your Pregnancy and know NOW is the time to take control?

Do you have ‘lower back pain’ or mobility issues that you’ve been told is due to your posture changes during Pregnancy that you want to address?

Do you want to attend a programme that combines a Functional Strength Movement, Mobility, Pelvic/Core Health, BIRTH PREPARATION and Preparation for the 4th Trimester?

Do you want to learn EASY TO DO ‘rest’ and ‘self-care’ strategies as part of your motherhood wellness journey?

Do you want to prepare for your Post Natal 4th Trimester period to ensure a deep and full recovery after birth?

Do you want to exercise in way that will TRULY get you stronger for labour and birthing and support you in your early Post Natal days, weeks and months?

Do you want to understand the ESSENTIALS OF OPTIMAL NUTRITION for both you and your baby during your Pregnancy and into the Post Natal Period?

If you answered YES to the above questions? This programme is very much for you!

Coach Nina Parnham + Clients
– Women’s Wellness Coach, Midwife and Mom!


This usually ‘in-person’ programme is delivered by your Certified Holistic Core Restore® Coach on either a 1:1 basis or as part of a small-group offering.

The length of the programme will be determined by your Coach but most will run a 6-8 week programme.  Even when working in a small group, this offering is ALWAYS utterly bespoke and your Coach is taught to completely tailor their advice to your needs and ‘meet you EXACTLY where you are now’ by supporting this lifephase with real-world solutions and support over a time-frame that suits your needs.

Your Coach will provide you with a few items of simple exercise kit and your Holistic Core Restore®  – Client Education Booklet and your Coach will support you to keep active away from your face-to-face sessions with easy-to-fit-in homework.  Your Coach will also concierge an intimate community for all programme attendees so that you can have contact outside of sessions together and also build a community with the other women.



Simple, if you feel this programme is for you, use the FIND A COACH box to locate someone either in your locality or a Coach you can work with virtually using Skype or Zoom!  All you’ll need for Virtual Coaching is a Computer, an internet connection and access to Skype or Zoom which are both FREE.  Once connected with your Coach, they’ll take you through our unique screening process.  It’s extensive and thorough but this ensures you get the help you deserve and need because we fully understand your health journey and what you hope to achieve.

Once you’ve been screened and it’s agreed that the programme is the right fit for you, you’ll enter the world of Holistic Core Restore® whereby your Coach will take you through the Bump Programme which is a mix of Functional Exercise, Birth Preparation, Preparation for the 4th Trimester, Core and Pelvic Health Education and overall, a deep and precious preparation for motherhood.  Whether you’re a first or fourth-time mom, this time spent preparing for one of the biggest roles a women will ever play in her life, will be time well spent with an EXCELLENT, highly trained professional, dedicated to your deepest care.  We look forward to welcoming you to the programme!

Coach Nina Parnham + Clients
– Women’s Wellness Coach, Midwife and Mom!

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