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Diastatis Recti Repair

“I started Kate’s programme of diastasis recti repair after 2 children who were then 3 and 1 years old. I had suffered bad diastasis recti with both and had pretty much given up hope of ever returning to a figure anywhere similar to my pre pregnancy shape.

They were both born by caesarean which meant recovery was slow to begin with but I did walk lots and attended Pilates classes but nothing was helping to close the gap between my muscles and stop me looking 3 months pregnant well over a year after having had my last baby! Kate came to my house and was really friendly and easy to talk to and immediately put me at ease. With 2 toddlers, doing any fitness is really hard as you have to juggle child care but Kate was really flexible and coming to the house made things so much easier.

The programme was really easy to follow, is so simple and really makes sense. You have to stay hydrated and look after your nutrition (I was just starting to get into juicing) and take some supplements to help the muscles, digestive system and skin (these I think really made a difference as I am veggie and so am prone to deficiencies). Then there are the exercises which I was to do every day.  These I slotted into my normal family routine and so would do them when the baby was napping or in the bathroom when they were having a bath! Kate also gave me all the equipment I would need (ball, band etc). I had two follow up visits to monitor my progress plus constant correspondence to check how I was doing and share articles / recipes or just offer advice.

It really is great value for money and having tried all the books and DVDs on the market I can honestly say it’s the only programme that I have a) stuck to and b) really does work! I now feel so much happier with my body and it’s only been 6 weeks and I would thoroughly recommend Kate to everyone”. – Laura



Diastatis Recti Repair


“After 2 fairly large babies and around 5 years of trying various diets and exercise regimes that just weren’t working, a friend recommended Emma who uses The Burrell Method for Diastasis Healing. I was quite sceptical as I thought I had tried every method going, apart from begging the NHS to stitch me back together.

From the first meeting Emma offered advice and a sympathetic ear. Although my gap wasn’t huge, it felt huge. I felt out of proportion when I looked in the mirror, my ribs ached, my hip hurt and half way through the day I would begin to collapse in the middle!

Emma put together a tailor-made exercise plan for me to follow at home, and offered nutritional advice to help heal the gap. It was not before my aches and pains went away, my gap lessened slowly and I felt so much better about myself! Emma stayed in contact between sessions to offer encouragement and advice. It was hard work and require discipline at home, but the results are worth it.”





Diastatis Recti Repair


“2 weeks clean, and no cheat days!!! I knew I could do it but at the same time I’m pretty amazed at myself The first ten days were really tough but I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen already. I wasn’t expecting much to happen this early on! And I’ve been less active than previous due to those withdrawal symptoms.

I can button up my jeans, even straight from the tumble dryer. But way more important to me than that is that they stay buttoned up all day, which means my clothes feel so much more comfortable. That extra dress size worth of bloat by the evening has gone!

Have just measured and I’ve lost an inch from my bellybutton, I’m sure it’s much less droopy as well which I hated hated hated more so than the sticky-out-ness of it.

I am definitely more connected with the pelvic floor muscles now. It’s become easy to do a few sitting in the car, or lying in bed or whenever/wherever, before I had to really concentrate to try to find them and scoop them up.

You are a super star, Rachel, THANK YOU!!!”




Diastatis Recti Repair


This course, and Kate, increased my confidence by helping me understand what my body could do and how I could get back into fitness and back into shape.

I have lost 12cm from my waist, have no diastasis and feel a lot stronger. I think this programme is an excellent foundation for getting back into fitness post pregnancy or indeed starting a new fit and healthy lifestyle post pregnancy. Regardless of fitness levels prior to

Regardless of fitness levels prior to pregnancy I think very few women fully understand the damage you can do to yourself by doing the wrong exercises after pregnancy. This programme not only helps you regain your pre-pregnancy figure but also gives you a better understanding of your body overall.




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