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Not all Pelvic Health Dysfunction, Diastasis and C-Section problems that women may face are treatable via conservative means such as the HCR programmes.  Some do require clinical attention for specialists in their field and to ensure that you truly receive the attention that you deserve, all Holistic Core Restore Coaches are linked to and refer to Maria Elliott’s Mummy MOT Specialist Post Natal Physiotherapists.

The Mummy MOT is a postnatal detailed physiotherapy assessment of the abdominal and pelvic area. It will check your posture, breathing, tummy gap and pelvic floor strength. You will receive a report of the findings on the day. Following the assessment an appropriate safe exercise programme will be prescribed.

Mummy MOT System

  • The Mummy MOT System combines the principles of Physiotherapy assessment with the practice of functional retraining. Following delivery postural changes, muscle imbalances and altered alignment occur and persist. It is essential to correct and rebalance otherwise pain, prolapse, UIC or RDA will persist. Left untreated, how can Mums return to daily functionally activities safely. Mums need to bend, lift, squat, twist.
  • The Mummy MOT identifies muscle imbalances through the assessment and the restorative exercise programme corrects them, regaining stability and allowing optimal function.

Jenny tutoring at the Mummy MOT Physiotherapists Education

About Maria Elliott, Chartered Physiotherapist


Maria is a Private Women’s’ Health physiotherapist, Pilates teacher and Women’s Health Consultant. She practises out of three London Clinics: the New Medicine group on Harley Street and Optimal Spine in Chiswick. Maria is director and founder of Simply Women’s Health, a ten year-old physiotherapy practise specialised in restoring physical and mental well being; and MummyMOT, a two year-old physiotherapy practise specialised in post-natal recovery. Maria is always dedicated and energetic in her approach to her patient’s recovery.

 maria Elliott

Find a Mummy MOT Post Natal Physiotherapy Specialist in your are by CLICKING HERE or ask your coach how to achieve a referral whether privately or via the NHS.  We can help!



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