A warm welcome to Holistic Core Restore®, the EVOLUTION of Pelvic Floor and Core Fitness.  The programmes and methodologies contained within our 15 offerings are designed to TRANSFORM THE HEALTH of the women we serve.  We’re delighted to have you here…..take a look around.  There truly is a programme for EVERY WOMAN at EVERY LIFEPHASE.   If you are a woman in need of guidance and support regarding your continence, Pelvic Health or Core wellness and rehab……you’re in the right place.  Our mission is to SERVE MORE WOMEN AND TRANSFORM MORE LIVES and do so DEEPLY!  

JENNY BURRELL – Programme Creator

Hello and the warmest welcome to Holistic Core Restore®!

Holistic Core Restore® is the EVOLUTION of Pelvic Floor and Core Restoration Exercise fit for REAL WOMEN, LIVING REAL LIVES.

HCR® is a  UNIQUE, WHOLE -WOMAN, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE & ‘MOVEMENT-BASED’ suite of programmes that extend the continuum of traditional Pelvic Floor and Core exercise WAY BEYOND KEGELS AND CRUNCHES to ensure that your Pelvic Floor and the rest of your Core is fit to do its job when you need it most AND is re-integrated to its rightful place at the heart of your precious body!



There is truly a programme for EVERY WOMAN at EVERY LIFE PHASE within the Holistic Core Restore® family of programmes! And, Learned Once, They Last a Lifetime!

The Holistic Core Restore® programmes are for women who typically have experienced some degree of pelvic floor, pelvic organ, backpain  or core dysfunction, Diastasis Recti and want to empower themselves through education and TAKING ACTION so that they don’t become a ‘chronic’ statistic.  All the programmes are for women who understand that positive nutrition and lifestyle have a key role in their Pelvic and Core Health and are ready to make the changes that support lifelong healing and wellbeing.



Our team of dedicated, highly educated Coaches are here to help you take charge of your Pelvic, Core and overall health. The vast number of positive
feedbacks from programme participants since 2013 show that ‘self-compassion’ and TAKING ACTION are the greatest gift any woman can give to herself.

We also offerVirtually Live Coaching enabling you to work with our Coaches remotely, anywhere you are on this planet!  If you have a reliable internet connection and access to a video platform/app then there’s no stopping you, you can do this from the comfort of your home.

But ultimately, NO WOMAN WORKS ALONE on any of our programmes, we know that you both NEED AND DESERVE support in your learning and health journey and that’s what these programmes are designed to give!

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