Will These Programmes Help You?

Who Was Holistic Core Restore® Created For?

The Holistic Core Restore® programmes were created for Women who are ready to take charge of not only their Pelvic and Core Health but also their total wellbeing.  Women who are ready to invest in preventative strategies and deep restorative strategies as they go through their lifephases knowing that ‘self-care’ is the greatest gift any woman can give to herself.

The Holistic Core Restore® programmes are for women who may or may not have experienced some degree of pelvic dysfunction and want to empower themselves through education and CONSISTENT ACTION so that they don’t become a statistic.  All the programmes are for women who understand that their nutrition has a key role in their Pelvic Health and are ready to make the changes that support healing and wellbeing.

Since it’s inception in 2013, when our main focus was ‘modernizing Pelvic Floor Exercise’, we’ve consistently had great results in as little as 6 weeks for women looking to improve the symptoms of the simpler end of Urinary Stress Incontinence (USI)  – in simple terms, as pressure is created in your Core, your weakened Pelvic Floor muscles aren’t able to do their job of supporting  your outlets, namely your urethra (where you pee from), your bladder, your vagina and your anus/rectum.  The programme has now expanded to include offerings that have powerful benefits for those who have been told that they need to strengthen their Pelvic Floor/Core because they have a mild Prolapse, back pain, have been through a Hysterectomy, are Pregnant or in the Peri/Post Menopausal phase of their lives, Diastasis Healing and C-Section Recovery.  Now, nearly all the Coaches are also Soft Tissue Therapists and can offer both Pregnancy and Post Natal Recovery Massage and a specific hands-on help for those needing soft tissue therapy and massage post C-Section, POP and Hysterectomy surgeries, Diastasis Recti and so much more.

And now we have  dedicated programmes for those who were previously athletic pre-baby and want to return to their beloved sport BUT KNOW that this needs to be gradual and under the guidance of a professional dedicated to making the journey safe, effective and from the inside-out!  And programmes for those, who once they’ve mastered the foundation programmes and built a stronger Core are now ready to ‘up-their-game’ in a still mindful way that respects their rehab journey.

Altogether, there is truly a programme for EVERY WOMAN at EVERY LIFE PHASE within the Holistic Core Restore family of programmes!  Learned Once, Lasts a Lifetimes!

So, if you fit into the categories below, it’s time to get started!  Are you:

Recently Post Natal?
A normal, non-high-risk Pregnant Woman?
Not-so-recently Post Natal?
Feeling the changes in your Core/Pelvic Floor in the Menopause?
Recovering from a Hysterectomy?
Recovering from a POP Surgery?
‘Older & Wiser’?
Had a Mild prolapse?
Having health dysfunction and possible incontinence?
C-Section birther?
FINALLY, there's not a programme in the world that's RIGHT for EVERYONE

This is what those who have completed the programmes have to say – CLICK HERE!


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