These programmes are unique because we take your Core and Pelvic Floor, on a journey from the standard ‘squeeze and lift’ Kegel Pelvic floor exercises and crunches and planks to a more enlightened place where we incorporate your breathing and add the functional movement of your daily life to get your Pelvic Floor and core reconnected to the rest of your body like it was originally.

For so many women, it really seems to be a case of PELVIC DISCONNECTION AND A LACK OF CO-ORDINATION RATHER THAN ‘DYSFUNCTION’. And once we get women more mindful, educated and working ‘with’ their bodies again, the magic usually starts to happen.

Our UNIQUE continuum of 6 Phases of Progressed Movement where we journey from supine, seated, static standing, functional standing, functional dynamic, athletic exercises will truly get your Core and Pelvic Floor ready for an active, dynamic and MOVING LIFE because at the end of the day…nobody pees themselves when they are standing still, so it follows that we need to actually train our bodies for the lives we want to live!

Overall, improving your Core and Pelvic Floor function is a whole-body affair! Neither exist in ISOLATION! They as part of a whole human woman and when we want it to work as part of a whole, we’d better train it as part of a whole.


  1. Mindful, Progressed, Bespoke FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT that actually prepares a woman for A MOVING LIFE
  2. Incorporation of ‘Myofascial Tensioning’ Principles
  3. The combination of Conscious and Unconscious Pelvic Floor  and Core Activation
  4. A Pelvic and Female Health Education that lasts each woman a lifetime
  5. Supportive Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition, Hydration and Lifestyle Guidance as a PRIORITY
  6. Optimal Alignment including Soft Tissue Therapies (as appropriate)
  7. Optimal Breathing/Respiration as a PRIORITY
  8. An Empowered and Compassionate ‘Wellness For Life‘ Mindset

We combine all of the above 8 elements with varying ‘exercise tools’ in our proprietary programmes to reconnect you to your Pelvic Floor, Core and entire body with greater specificity and long term success than the average Pelvic Floor, Core or fitness programme usually targeted at women.

It’s essential that we go deeper and move slower before we start adding weights and moving faster so that we prioritize reconnection above simply thrashing out sets and reps and support your body in the ‘learning process’.

These programmes have worked for 1000’s of women who leaked when they jumped or had Diastasis, back pain and tummies that they simply couldn’t reconnect to and we hope they will work for you too!


Here’s what your Pelvic Floor looks like when you’re performing Kegels (the standard Pelvic Floor ‘Squeeze and Lift’ Exercises…….the peaks represent the muscle activation when you ACTIVELY tense and and lift the Pelvic Floor.


And here, we have a squatting movement, again without performing Kegels to aid PF integration and activation.   In all of our programmes, we’ll tie these functional movements to the breath and add our own unique integrated Pelvic Floor activation cueing to truly create a Pelvic Floor that is ready for movement and the activity that you love to and need to do daily.


Now, this is what happens when we use the Adductors (Inner Thigh Muscles) via their connection through the Fascial System to also help to activate the Pelvic Floor.  The Pelvic Floor, doesn’t work in isolation and so asking nearby muscles to help it connect to the whole body can also be part of your integration strategy. But note ..….NO KEGELS involved….this is UNCONSCIOUS activation of the Pelvic Floor which is also part of restoring the innate and reflexive function that you originally had.


And finally, here’s the Pelvic Floor when we’re performing the lunge movement pattern….pretty impressive! GLOBAL MOVEMENT ALSO MOVES THE PELVIC FLOOR! And that movement is part of the recipe too!

Crucially, we then combine all of the FUNCTIONAL,  INTEGRATED MOVEMENTS with increased ‘Fascial Tension’ and RESPIRATION, we really get all the components of your core – your tummy muscles, your Pelvic Floor, your Diaphragm and your low back muscles all  ’speaking to each other’ – THIS IS WHAT WE CALL ‘INTRINSIC CORE SYNERGY’®.

So whether you are Pregnant and want to start an effective and easy Whole Body and Core/Pelvic Floor programme to prepare you for birth or you have just had your baby and want a gentle way to reconnect with your Core and heal your Diastasis Recti, or you’ve never had a baby but know that it’s a smart move to ‘prevent rather than cure’ or you’re recovering from a gynae procedure or you’re in the Peri to Post Menopausal years and feel the changes in your Pelvic Health and want to be proactive. TAKE A LOOK AT THE THE SUITE OF HOLISTIC CORE RESTORE® PROGRAMMES.

Introducing the AMAZING Dr. Emily Splichal…..through who’s Naboso® Technology products we have continued to elevate our programmes and education to the highest level regarding ‘foot to core’ function and women’s movement longevity.  We are both thrilled and excited to have Dr. Splichal’s input into this programme and incorporate her Naboso® Technology mat into our programming.

All the programmes that the Coaches offer are a simple and effective way to re-connect with and stay connected to your amazing body.  And of course,  this programme is also excellent for any woman who has been told by her medical professional to ‘strengthen her Pelvic Floor’ or who has given you the OK to start a regular, gentle Pelvic Floor exercise programme after a gynaecological intervention such as a Hysterectomy or those who have small Prolapses and who have also been given permission to exercise intelligently to support their health.

Coaches Learning to Integrate Naboso® Technology at Training Day

Become an Holistic Core Restore Coach

Coaches Learning to Integrate Stickmobility® Fascial Tensioning Technology at Training Day

For a Pelvic Floor & Core that’s integrated into your whole body and FIT-FOR-PURPOSE ie., supporting you to live a full life!  CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO CHOOSE THE PROGRAMME MOST APPROPRIATE FOR YOU.  We promise, you’ll LOVE IT!


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