This is me early December 2010 in America, l’d just run Vegas Marathon with my husband, super cool as I’d only meant to run the Half-Marathon but just kept going and hadn’t even trained for the last 10 months!

Needless to say I was pretty fit but also outrageously grateful to get one last run in before January 5th 2011 as on that day, at the age of 41, I was booked to have an Abdominal Hysterectomy (via C-Section type incision) and for sure wouldn’t be running anywhere for a while.

Not great at any age but facing the Menopause at 41 is a bit of a bummer!


So, maybe we’ll sit down one day and I’ll tell you my whole story but the long and short of it was that I then entered a proverbial hormonal poop-storm where my poor body didn’t know whether it was coming or going. Night sweats, fuzzy brain, weird mood swings, whopping weight gain, bad skin, what felt like menstrual cramps for months after (what!) and more mind/body randomness in the space of year than most people see in their lifetime. And the worst bit……after what I thought was a period of recovery and restoration, every time I attempted any vigorous level of exercise, I had a complete and utter bladder evacuation!  And to make matters worse, when pressed, everyone responsible for my medical care was unable to come up with a why or a way forward apart from purchasing incontinence wear! OK, so now I’m chubby, spotty, menopausal, incontinent and utterly fearful about doing something that I love doing! Awesome!

Fortunately, I am NOT the type of person to be down for long and fortunately this area of women’s health and education is where I’ve earned my living (I am the head and founder of BURRELL EDUCATION) for MORE THAN TWO DECADES, so…..I got busy employing every piece of pelvic health, fitness & nutrition research/data/literature I could find to create a programme to restore my pelvic function to its rightful role as part of my whole body and PREPARED FOR MOVEMENT!


ONLY performing Kegels just hadn’t cut it!  They hadn’t prepared me for MY EVENTUAL RETURN TO A LIFE OF MOVEMENT! In my early days of recovery they were a God-send especially when I literally had radio silence below my belly button, but they had little potential to be progressed so my strength could only increase so far. The strength created by performing Kegels are not based on preparing a woman for DYNAMIC AND BALLISTIC MOVEMENT (and that’s when women who want to return to life full of movement need them to have been effective). ONLY PERFORMING Kegels doesn’t account the fact that your Pelvic Floor muscles DO NOT exist in splendid isolation! And the fact that our PF muscles are utterly linked to movement throughout your whole body and so need trained and re-trained with those principles in mind. Incidentally, even after all these years of working with women and their continence when I spread my net wider and really started to get deep on this subject matter of ‘leaking’…..the floodgates opened (pardon the pun). It turned out that practically every woman I spoke to had had the ‘odd accident’, many at the ages where you would expect it and many too who were most certainly not! And the over-riding reason?…..Women just didn’t have a programme that they followed with any consistency and clarity because quite frankly they didn’t really ‘GET’ Kegels (those ‘squeeze and lift’ exercises).


So….I turned a frown up-side-down as they say and created the first version of Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman – A Whole Body, Integrated, Functional Pelvic Floor/Core Restore 6-week programme, which has now evolved into a complete suite of other aligned programmes, specifically designed for the human women we are and the moving lives we lead, all the ‘seasons’ of our lives!

In these programmes, we focus on unifying the breath with functional movement and the Myofascial Lines and tension from NOSE TO TOES to strengthen not only the Pelvic Floor but the whole core and ultimately, reintroduce the Core to the WHOLE BODY.  It’s super-simple to ‘get’, simple to do and highly effective……..


1. To educate women to find their voice and reclaim their power and authority over their own health.

2. To support women on their journey to extreme self-compassion and self-care by
prioritizing their Pelvic Health.

3. To elevate the act of prioritising one’s Pelvic Health to the highest demonstration
of RADICAL SELF-CARE and self-compassion.

4. To normalise and promote as a priority activity for the whole of a woman’s

5. To DEEPLY educate professionals to a ‘GOLD STANDARD’ to enable them to
provide ‘full circle of care’ for the women they serve……to go the extra mile!

6. To emancipate women from the belief that there is no hope, choice or they have
control… us…..some improvement can always be made even it’s simply a
change to the ‘perception of the problem’.

7. To inform women so well that they can confidently become leaders in their own

8. To disempower the inco pad manufacturers who, at this point are so brazen in their messaging that they wholeheartedly promote their products as the SOLUTION to your continence issues for the rest of your life – which that is 100%

9. To teach and empower women so well that we do ourselves out of a job!

What Women Say….


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