Our Mission

The Holistic Core Restore® Mission is to….

  • Create a dedicated group of health and wellness professionals dedicated to modernizing Pelvic Floor and Core strength fitness programming for EVERY WOMAN AT EVERY LIFE PHASE.
  • Provide an empathy-driven EDUCATION, RE-CONNECTION & MOVEMENT-BASED programme that is 100% fit for purpose, effective, easy to teach and easy for EVERY WOMAN to understand.

Holistic Core Restore Booklet

Every participant receives a HCR Client Education Handbook alongside the items of exercise kit required for the programme + access to online homework


    • Create a dedicated group of health and wellness professionals dedicated to being loud and proud about this subject area and ready to work tirelessly to remove the shame and secrecy in this part of women’s lives  that has worked to disempower them for centuries.
    • Create a dedicated group of women’s health and wellness professionals dedicated to educating and empowering women by helping them understand their own precious bodies and how to connect with their innate  intuition in order to improve their wellness.

     And using the Holistic Core Restore® principles of EDUCATION – RECONNECTION – MOVEMENT – NUTRITION,  Holistic Core Restore®  is designed to help women everywhere to realize that purposeful MOVEMENT is the ultimate ‘friend’ of their Pelvic Floor and that Kegels or traditional non-integrated ‘core exercise’ ALONE are an entry level activity which then need to be progressed to integrated movement.  Immobility is the enemy of not only Pelvic Floor/Core wellness but of a healthful life!

    Are you a woman seeking help for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with Stress Urinary Incontinence symptoms, Diastasis Recti, healing after a C-Section, Hysterectomy OR a mild prolapse and you’ve been told that the conservative approach of establishing a regular, functional Pelvic Floor/Core Restore exercise programme would be beneficial to your issues….IT’S ALL CONNECTED!
    Find a
    A Holistic Core Restore® Coach to HELP YOU!

Are you working in women’s wellness? Are you a Physiotherapist, a Fitness Professional, an Ante/Post Natal Educator looking for a simple and effective way to teach women about their Pelvic Floor, Core and WHOLE BODY from a truly Holistic standpoint in all the phases of her life?  Join me on my mission to create a global network of like-minded professionals empowering women and become A Holistic Core Restore® Coach and teach this programme and all the other elements of this programme.


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