Medical Disclaimer

The homework exercises within the Holistic Core Restore® homework plan and the exercises within the Ambassador-led Holistic Core Restore® programme were created for women requiring a CONSERVATIVE programme to help them strengthen their Pelvic Floor and entire core and those suffering from the symptoms of ‘Genuine Urinary Stress Incontinence’ , the early stages of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (women need to have been given permission by their medical team to take steps to strengthen their core/Pelvic Floor to improve their condition) and the less complicated cases of Rectus Diastasis (Diastasis Recti).

There are many other symptoms/causes of Pelvic Floor/Core Dysfunction and incontinence including neural dysfunction and extreme structural dysfunction such as the higher grades of Pelvic Organ Prolapse.  These issues require clinical attention and we feel it would be prudent to seek help from your General Practitioner, a specialist Womens Health Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist, a Gynaecologist or Obstetrician as your recovery and improvement in your health may well require a greater level of clinical intervention than the conservative approach provided here by the Holistic Core Restore® programme.  But rest assured, seeking more thorough help IS THE WAY TO GO.  Don’t take a short-cut when it comes to your health.

The content of all of the programmes are not intended as substitute for a thorough medical evaluation and treatment of your condition and each Ambassador will take you through an extremely through Health Questionnaire and screening system BEFORE deciding whether the programme is right for you.

You can also download our Pelvic Health Questionnaire and use this to help you understand your symptoms and if you have any doubt whatsoever about your Pelvic Health, we urge you to see help and advice from your Health Care Provider.  Specialist Medical Professionals are waiting to help you.


Yours,  in health and well-being,

Jenny Burrell – Progamme Creator



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