Glynis Ferguson

Name​: Glynis Ferguson
Area​ ​covered​: Moray & Aberdeenshire
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Please​ ​tell​ ​us​ ​a​ ​little​ ​about​ ​yourself,​ ​your​ ​business​ ​and​ ​your​ ​HCR​ ​journey:​

I’m a personal trainer and nutrition coach, with specialist qualifications in Pre-&-Postnatal Coaching, GP Exercise Referrals, and Obesity and Diabetes Training.

As a dedicated women’s fitness coach, I’m all about equipping my female clients with the confidence and skills they need to achieve their specific health and fitness goals, and sustain them over time – no matter what life throws their way.

Going beyond the usual fitness topics like resistance training and nutrition, I address pre-&-postnatal wellness, the menopause transition, hormonal health, and pelvic floor disorders. All of which are a regular part of most women’s lives – including my own history of pelvic floor dysfunctions – yet are so often overlooked by the fitness industry.

I became a Holistic Core Restore® Coach to enable me to better serve my female clients who experience symptoms such as pelvic girdle pain, back pain, diastasis rectus abdominis, pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence.  These programmes provide the means for me to deliver the help women need to heal and restore their bodies, while giving them the power to transform their lives and thrive – wherever they are in their life cycle.

Glynis Ferguson
Moray, AB56 1BY
United Kingdom


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