Jevgenija Triantafillu

Name : Jevgenija Triantafillu
Company Name: Jev’s RRFit
Area covered : E14 & Haringey
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Please tell us a little about yourself, your business and your HCR journey:

My journey started after my second child, when I discovered such things like diastasis, incontinence and prolapse exist. But what I could not find was good solid helpful information. That is when I started my specialist training in Post Natal fitness and I have succeeded with rehabilitating my own body.

In doing that came the passion to help other women. I love what I do, love helping women and it gives me great satisfaction to see my clients succeed.

I chose to represent HCR because above all else, unlike any other method I have come across, it has a whole body approach including nutrition, well­being as well as exercise, not just fixing a leaky pelvic floor or a wobbly tummy but improving woman’s whole lifestyle. The positive effects HCR programme has on women and their families is what inspires me.

P.S. I also deliver the programme in Russian.


Jevgenija Triantafillu
London, N8 8JQ
United Kingdom


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